Colorful Fairytales from Grandma Josephine

Josephine Wall’s paintings differ with incredible abundance of details and bright unusual color combinations, which have become a kind of brand of the artist. Her paintings can be viewed for hours. There are very few artists on the creations of which you can determine their gender.

In fact, there is little difference between male and female painting and all the insinuations are chauvinist prejudices. But it seems that every rule has an exception, and Josephine Wall is just one of those exceptions. All figures of the artist’s works are very feminine, soft and lyrical, and with many flowers and roses. This explains the huge popularity of Wall’s paintings among the beautiful half of humanity. Her works can be found in numerous embroideries (imagine how much patience it is needed to sew such a picture) and decoupages.

Wall Josephine works mostly with acrylic paint (wonderful, fantastic, light, like a breath of summer breeze, acrylics), which allows her to paint quickly and create a lot of texture and color effects. Influence of other artist-masters in conjunction with own ideas of Wall, formed the basis of a varied and wide range of her works. Many of her works are grouped in collections with the following names: Water and Air, Signs of the Zodiac, Surrealism, Fairies, Goddess, and other works.