Digital Surrealism from George Grie

You might have heard many times that digital art - is, first of all, something artificial and lifeless, and secondly something frivolous like designs for computer games. Many times you have heard that the computer can’t be a platform for serious painting.

To be honest, after looking at the pictures of George Grier, you will realize that this artist can prove that digital art is created not only for drawing elves and dragons. Obviously, this is due to the fact that George is a professional artist who has received a full education. Thus, in the paintings of George Grier the artistic skills are combined with supernatural capabilities of computer hardware and software. George Grier uses mainly 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop in his works. The combination of ultra-realistic computer effects and surreal scenes create a unique effect, as if it is not a painting, but the picture of some other, parallel world.