Discuss the Whole Trip in Advance with Your Child

Try to treat the child with understanding. Do not just put strict limits and rules - let the child come to this with the help of leading questions. Explain the reasons why you make certain decisions. And most importantly, if you make a promise - follow it. Think of your child as an adult - and he/she will behave as an adult.

Be crafty. When it comes to visiting museums with small children or touring the ruins with teenagers, you can (and should) use the tricks, so that children do not just go with you, but also get pleasure from it. If the child is still small, you can dress him/her in a knight/princess costume when visiting the medieval ruins. Instead of listening to adolescent whining “buy me that thing”, you simply give the pocket money, and explain that this is a budget for the entire day. You will see, among all the “stuff” he/she will select the best and the rest will not be so attractive. And, moreover, it is a learning experience on the money economy.

Make your child a photographer. All children love to take pictures, so why can’t you give them a chance to develop in this direction since childhood? Buy your child his/her own camera, and you will see the journey from a new perspective. And, of course, you will get hundreds of images. Be sure some of them will come out much better than yours. Perhaps you should even buy a special album - let it be the printed photos of your child.