Festive Celebration of Fantasy and Imagination in Paintings of Wojtek Siudmak

Paintings of Wojtek Siudmaka are a wonderful mix of styles of hyper-realism, fantastic realism and surrealism. He calls himself a fantastic hyper-realist; however, the creation of Siudmak is closer to surrealism, it is enough to see what a great influence of Salvador Dali can be traced in his works.

The artworks are reminiscent of Dali’s later “atomic” period. However, it is hard to call Siudmak just a copycat of Dali. In the works of this Polish painter, it seems there is some kind of personal mark of unique sophistication. In general, Wojtek Siudmak is of those creative individuals about whom you can say: “he has a style”. What a wonderful thing is the fact that for all their lush of fantasy his paintings are incredibly masterful. Perhaps George Grie was right when he said that the more surreal paintings capture the imagination, the more realistic they are drawn. This phrase accurately characterizes the art of the Polish artist. Plunge into the world of the ancient gods, colorful dreams and Greek myths.