How to Travel With Your Baby

Going on a trip with children, parents are usually concerned about the way they can endure the road. Indeed, the body of young children is less adapted to the flights and transfers. But if you follow some simple rules, you can avoid these problems.||The most difficult moments of the flight for the child are waiting hours of takeoff and landing. Especially unpleasant if you have a long flight and you have the stopover. Every parent knows the nature of their children, their favorite toys and games. Going on a trip with your child, you need to take a few of these toys - they will help your child to have fun in free time. You can also take advantage and spend time in the room of mother and child, as there are optimal conditions for a comfortable pastime.||During takeoff and landing of aircraft, very often there is an unpleasant feeling: nasal congestion, headaches, dizziness, noise and congestion in the ears. The cause of these unpleasant sensations lies in the difference between the pressure in the outer and inner ear. Due to the sudden changes in atmospheric pressure it physically doesn’t have time to align through the narrow Eustachian tube. To resolve this problem, use a vasoconstrictor drops, dripping them in the nose.||It is preferable to choose the flights without stopovers, in such situations, the load on the child's body will be minimal. If your child has a weak vestibular system, for the prevention of vomiting before departure it is necessary to give him/her a special pill.