Magical Illustrations From James Christensen

James Christensen (born 1942) is a popular American artist working in the “fairy-tale” style. Born and raised in Culver City, California. As a young man he moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, and so he stuck (in a good way) in the walls of his native alma mater for 20 years, where he successfully taught art. Illustrations by James Christensen are incredibly popular in America, a lot of media companies ordered works of this artist for their covers. Drawings of this extraordinary personality won many prestigious awards in the United States. James is married and has five children. Currently he lives in Utah in the house, which is filled with his enigmatic paintings and sculptures, mermaid and dwarves.||James Christensen loved coming up with a variety of fairy tales as a child, and as you can see, this had a fundamental influence on his style of painting. When you see his paintings, you might have a desire to sit down and re-read Narnia and The Hobbit for the umpteenth time. Every kid dreams of the books with such illustrations. Trolls, Orcs, mermaids, gnomes, fairy-tale characters – all of these are his creations; and everything is painted with stunning artistic skills. It is evident that the artist puts his heart into every detail.