Michael Cheval, Contemporary Artist Surrealist

Michael Khokhlachov (a pseudonym - Michael Cheval) is a well-known contemporary artists working in the genre of Surrealism, or rather neosurrealism. He was born in 1966 in the small town Kotelnikovo, somewhere in the vast expanses of Russia. The artist was raised by grandparents, while the parents were busy studding. His grandfather worked as a graphic designer in the train station, naturally he taught Michael to paint from early age.||Initially Michael graduated technical school on a specialty draftsman-designer. But then he studied in the School of Fine Arts in Ashgabat. The first exhibition of Michael Khokhlachev was held respectively in Turkmenistan. Then for a while he worked and exhibited in Russia. In 1997 he moved to the US, where he achieved real success.||The pictures of Michael Cheval really capture the imagination; they are filled with fine details and have a fantastic absurd plot. The technique of drawing is realistic, at the same time viewers may experience the feeling of being involved in a fairy tale.