Optical Illusions in Pictures by Octavio Ocampo

Octavio Ocampo comes from a family of Mexican artist, born in the city of Celaya. He created a lot of scenery for theatrical and cinematic productions.||He paints in the style of the Spanish Surrealism. Looking at pictures of Octavio Ocampo, first of all you understand that something strange is happening with your eyes, and only then you begin to discern that faces of people in the pictures are made up of various objects, animals, and landscape elements - this is the power of optical illusion. The skill of the artist Octavio Ocampo to deceive vision causes admiration, he creates optical illusions not from some triangles or circles, but from skillfully drawn objects of reality. Besides all this, the pictures of Octavio Ocampo are pleasant to the eye (this is not Giger with his aliens).||It should be added that surreal optical illusion generated many artists such as Roberto Gonzalez, Oleg Shuplyak and others. In this case, everything began not from Salvador, but rather from Escher, with his striking spatial frills.