Plan Your Actions in Advance for the Trip with a Child

Children can be less than thrilled from your desire to visit a museum or a cultural object, so before the trip show them pictures of children's playground and a small attraction located on the site of your desired destination. Children quickly get tired of walking and simple contemplation of even the most luxurious medieval ruins in the world, so find out in advance whether there is something in close vicinity to occupy your children. In the extreme case, you can walk in a small shop with souvenirs and other amusing gizmos - at least for a while you can concentrate on the tour.||Take care of transport. For many children, the prospect of a few hours walk is like a punishment, but if you approach the matter creatively, then the problems will be minimized. So, you can rent a Segway, to see the beauty of ancient city, or explore it on a vintage tricycle. You can even hire a pony, and then the most boring tour may turn into a fascinating journey.||Let the child be your guide. To avoid the questions such as “Well, when will we arrive?” just give the map to your child. Mark the places where you want to go, and allow the child to create a route. Knowing where and how to go, the child will be happy about this little game. Older children will take responsibility to navigate the subway, or pave the shortest route from one sight to the next. The more the child is busy with such tasks, the fewer vagaries you will face.||Suggest exchange. Pre-treat your child with enthusiasm, so he/she does not feel like a burden in the journey. Try to spend one day for his/her favorite things: zoos or wildlife parks for animal lovers, toy stores or entertainment venues for fans to play, places from movies or from the life of the legendary musicians for teenagers. Find something that your child will enjoy, and he/she will definitely let you enjoy your part of the journey.