Rene Magritte, Philosophical Riddles and Surrealism in One

The pillars of surrealism in painting are two people: Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. They are like Tolkien and Lewis in the world of fantasy. Magritte and Dali influenced all who work in the style of surrealism. Nevertheless, they were two completely different people, the same as their pictures. Rene Magritte, in contrast to Dali and the rest of the surrealists, didn’t like to shock the audience, didn’t start the fights, did not use fly agaric for inspiration and spent the whole life with one woman - his wife, Georgette, the main muse, soulmate and artist's model. And what is most interesting - a man who, together with Dali, is considered a classic of surrealism did not even recognize the philosophy of this movement, in which one of the main places was occupied by psychoanalysis. Belgian believed that creativity is not possible to analyze. It is a mystery, a philosophical puzzle, but not the subject of Freudian analysis.||In general, Magritte was quiet and calm man; it seems that the most interesting thing happened in his head. Perhaps this is why there were so many films about Magritte. All he wanted to tell us - he spoke through his paintings. Pictures of Rene, in contrast to the rapid onslaught of bizarre Dali visions, are calmer, and make you wonder. In addition, all Magritte paintings are imbued with a very peculiar sense of humor. Ambiguity and symbolism of his paintings contributed to the fact that they were used in many parodies and installations.