Russian Surrealist Artist Vladimir Kush and his Magic Paintings

Vladimir Kush is an artist, who for some reason most often is confused with Salvador Dali. Their pictures in general are not very similar, in any case not more than paintings of two surrealists. If we compare Kush with someone - in his paintings there is more from Rene Magritte, and the style of the paintings is closer to magical realism.||Vladimir Kush was born and raised in Moscow. Like many artists, he painted portraits on the Arbat, leaving, however, his hobby of surrealism drawing. Through a happy coincidence (he painted a portrait and became acquainted with the medical attaché of the American Embassy) he managed to get a US visa. But this didn’t bring him too much of happiness, six years later, desperate to sell his works and in search of inspiration, he returned to Moscow. He worked intensively and reinvented his style of drawing. The artist explained his initial failure through gloomy colors and scenes that were characteristic of many Russian artists. In the end, success came to the artist, and he moved to Hawaii (which by the way he had dreamed of since childhood). However, to get creative inspiration, Vladimir still goes to Moscow; in his words to complete the work he just needs a harsh Moscow winter.||Howbeit, now in the paintings of Vladimir Kush there is no hint of a frown, the paintings emit the power of magic and life. His paintings are full of some quiet contemplative beauty.