Shamanic Legends in the Pictures Susan Seddon Boulet

Susan Seddon Boulet was born in 1941 in Brazil, in a family of British farmers immigrants. Susan liked to sit for hours and draw the world around. Almost all the time she spent doing this. Parents were busy with housekeeping and so the girl most of the time was left alone with her drawings and fantasies.||The paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet can be discussed for a long time: the ancient deities, spirits and shamans. Honestly, there is no such an artist, who would have Susan’s style. In her work there is something owerworldly, something from the world of spirits. Perhaps that is why Susan’s paintings can be found on the good half of the esoteric sites. However, her works are much deeper than all this mystical nonsense. The images of her paintings are simply inimitable: it seems that the wisdom of the ages is embodied on these countenances. It seems as if the spirits of harsh northern night look at us from the paintings of Susan Boulet.