Sky Bridge “Langkawi” in Malaysia

Langkawi Island has everything what an almost perfect island for vacation should have: sea, beaches, great views and a pleasant climate. To taste all these beauties as much as possible, there was built a pedestrian bridge “Langkawi”. It connects the two peaks of Mount Gunung and its design emphasizes the beauty of nature and fits perfectly into the surroundings. In fact, the entire weight of the bridge falls on one single support, on which 8 ropes are stretched. One gets the impression that it just hangs over a precipice.||Unfortunately, there is not much of accurate information about this little bridge, and some of it even differs. Its length is about 125 meters, width - about two, and a height above sea level - 700 meters. The bridge has been built at the end of 2004 – beginning of 2005, and since then it is one of the main attractions of the Malaysian island Langkawi.