The Longest Suspension Bridge in the World - Akashi Kaikyo, Japan

This impressive bridge with not simple name is striking not only for its beauty, but also for the size, and the story of creation. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge’s total length is 3911 meters, and the longest part of the bridge is a central span - 1991 m. Initially Akashi Strait was crossed with a help of ferry-boats, which, however, have been subject to frequent storms. Later, it was decided to build a railway-road bridge, and then this idea was abandoned in favor of a conventional (well, almost usual) road for cars.||Construction began in 1988. Two concrete bases in the bottom of the strait were built first, they had to become a “stand” for the pylons. On the shore there were two large circular forms for concrete, which then were sent to the bottom. Special concrete was created for this bridge that allows being filled right in the water. The main difficulty was the installation of forms onto the bases with high accuracy. And it has been successfully performed. In 1995 there was a strong earthquake, which resulted in the movement of one of the pylons for a meter. This didn’t hurt the bridge to much, but the length of the central span thus increased from 1990 to 1991 meters. In 1998, the bridge was ready. However, to this day because of the relatively high fares it is not very popular. The strait is still crossed either on a bus or on a ferry.