The Most Photogenic Castle in Russia - Yurino Castle

In the village Yurino of Mari El republic stands a magnificent castle of boyars Sheremetyev, turned into a mini-hotel. In 1874, master Vasily Petrovich, traveled around the world and missed the homeland, decided to build a new mansion. He invited renowned architects Stern, Muller, Malinowski, Barlanda and Korsch and started the project of the century. Simply everything was in that magnificent mansion, numbering a hundred rooms and halls and combining the elements of Baroque and Gothic, Eastern and Old Russian style! Mosaic floors were covered by renowned Italian master, white stone spiral staircase led to the rich winter garden, a notable collection of works of art and weapons and advanced system of air heating aroused the envy of the guests. The existence of Yurino castle was changed by the death of a sole Sheremetyev heir and the revolution. Only in 1993 the state took custody of badly battered property, which by that time was a rest home, a club and an office. They made repair and organized a museum, combined with the hotel.