The Paintings of Salvador Dali, Surrealism

Salvador Dali can be safely attributed to the classics of surrealism. Moreover, his expression “Surrealism is me” in the modern world has become true in the eyes of millions. Ask any person on the street: who is associated with the word surreal - almost any answer without hesitation will be Salvador Dali. His name is familiar even to those who do not quite understand the meaning and philosophy of surrealism, even those who are not interested in painting. Salvador Dali had a rare ability to shock the others, he was the hero of the secular conversations of his era, everyone talked about him, from the bourgeoisie to the proletariat. He was, perhaps, the best actor of the artists, and if the word PR existed at those day, Dali could be safely called a genius of PR, both good and bad. However, if you really want to understand him - just look at his paintings, which are the embodiment of his extravagant personality; brilliant, bizarre, crazy and wonderful.||Salvador Dali painting is one of the brightest specimens of surrealism manifesto embodiment, the very freedom of the spirit, which borders on insanity. The uncertainty, chaos forms, the connection of reality with the dreams, a compound thought-out images with delusions of the depths of the subconscious, the combination of the impossible with the possible, that's what the paintings of Salvador Dali are. And with all this, in spite of the enormity of the art of Salvador Dali, it has an inexplicable attraction. The emotions that arise when viewing pictures of Salvador Dali can’t simply exist together. It is hard to think of what might happen in the mind of such a person able to draw these pictures. One thing is clear – there is no place for monotonous grayness of everyday life.