The Strong and Ancient Castle in Russia

Despite the fact that in the Middle Ages in Russia the fortifications were mainly built in the style of the Kremlin, but not of the European type, still there are many of such castles preserved by this day. Among them is Vyborg Castle.||The first mention in the annals of the old city of Vyborg, dated by XIII century, is connected with its main attraction - the medieval castle. In 1293, landed off the coast of the Gulf of Finland, the Swedish army built the strengthening point on the small island, and called the Holy Fortress - Vyborg. The castle provided the northerners with control over the only exit to the Baltic Sea for Russians, not once it became party of battles. Novgorod army tried to fight off the fortress, putting a heavy siege, but Vyborg Castle stood. In 1495, when the exhausted garrison was already planning to give up, in the cellars of Andreas tower there was “the Vyborg Thunder”. The stocks of gunpowder exploded and killed many of the attackers and put an end to the siege. Only in 1710 Vyborg finally came under the power of Russian and wasn’t the platform for the bloody battles anymore. In 1807, the castle was converted into a prison, and in 1860 after a huge fire was altogether found unfit for defense. In the twentieth century, having been in the hands of the Finns, and again became Russian, Vyborg Castle was finally placed under protection of the state and turned into a museum. Now excavations are held on its territory.