Tours to Tibet are Chosen by People who Think

People, wishing to grasp the essence of things and to comprehend the innermost secrets of the Earth's civilization, choose tours to Tibet. And it is not just words. Many come enlightened from the expeditions in Tibet or as it is called the Land of Shambhala, and forever change their worldview and overestimate the values ​​of life.||Until recently, Tibet was almost inaccessible to travelers, both because of the bureaucracy, and because of the high cost. But now this mysterious region is available, closer and easy to get to. The tours are organized by locals, and only they know what to show around to amaze travelers from around the world. Therefore tours are much cheaper because they are organized without intermediaries pursuing only commercial interests. After all, who other than the residents themselves of this wonderful place, can properly plan the trip and show Tibet exactly what it is. They will also help to understand the spirituality and plunge into the mysticism of ancient Tibet.||Tours to Tibet can’t do without a visit of the historical capital city of Lhasa, the residence of the Dalai Lamas the Potala Palace, the ruins of the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Guge, the Monastery of the Bon religion Yungdrung Ling. But, nevertheless, we can say that the main purpose of trip - amazing Mount Kailash, the sacred for six religion. Managing the bypass around this sacred place is the dream of many millions of people of different religions, and now this dream became real.