Unique Oresund Bridge, Sweden-Denmark

There is another unusual bridge in the world which attracts attention and causes genuine interest. Oresund Bridge combines a double-track railway and a 4-lane highway across the Oresund Strait, connecting Denmark and Sweden. On an artificial island the bridge smoothly goes down into the tunnel. Construction of the bridge with length of 7845 meters was completed in less than five years - from 1995 to 1999, and commissioning took place three months ahead of schedule. At first, this road was not particularly popular, but with time everything changed. Since about 2005, the traffic on it has grown considerably. According to one version, this happened because of the Danes, who bought houses in Sweden, but went to work in Denmark (thanks to the Schengen agreement, the border crossing is almost imperceptible).||An interesting fact is that all the costs of this grand building eventually fell on the shoulders of drivers in the form of payment for the opportunity to travel on bridges and tunnels. The fee for this is about 50 Euros. Some believe that the cost is overpriced, but, in fact, the price is comparable to the cost of travel by ferry, which operated before the construction of the bridge. Thus, it is planned that all construction will be paid off in 2035.